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Natural Yellow Cat Eye Gemstone Available in Pakistan





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Details & Specifications of Cat’s Eyes

Lahsuniya or Cat’s eye with yellow tinge in it and whitish ray of eye effect are good quality. The ray should be straight for good quality stone. It is said that a Cat’s eye when pressed between the two eyes, where third eye of lord shiva is believed, then the person can see future events. Cat’s eye is the precious atone for Ketu. Cat’s eye should be worn in Panchdhatu ( alloy of five metals). Our company is the trusted names engaged in supplying a wide range of Lehsunia or Cat’s Eyes. We ensure Lehsunia/Cat’s Eyes which are durable, reliable as well as long lasting in nature. It is also believed to cure many diseases with its capacity and power.

 Benefits :

 Cat’s eye gives a miraculous lift to a sagging career or business and trade. It has the ability to calm the mind, provide patience, and control the wandering thoughts. It is good for attaining enlightenment – moksha, and meditation. It has the power to cure chronic diseases.

 Other Details :

Planet : Ketu

Name : Sutra-mani

Other Names : Ketu-ratna, Ketu’s gem, Vaidurya, Cats eye, Sutra-mani.

Sign : Pisces

Element : Water

Cosmic Color : Infra-red

Substitute     : Alexandrite