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Details & Specifications of Emerald Stone (Panna)

Emerald (Panna) is a precious stone for Mercury. Emerald should be worn on Wednesday. It can be worn in gold or even bronze. We provide Emerald Stone from reliable sources to give our customers the grand effect of this beautiful stone. Emerald Stone (Panna) is available from the company at a competitive market price and every gemstone is also lab tested.

 Benefits :

 Communications and movement is represented by the planet Mercury for which the stone is emerald. It is generally worn to improve business, trade and communication skills. It sharpens the intellect and removes speech defects. It controls nervous energy and channelizes it in the right direction. Skin problems and allergic conditions are said to improve by wearing an emerald.

 Other Details :

Planet: Mercury

Name: Panna

Other Names: Markat, Samargdos, Tarkshya, Zamurrad, Smarlda, Esmaurde.

Sign: Gemini & Virgo

Element: Earth

Cosmic Color: Green

Substitute: Green Onyx, Green Akik

Features :

·         Intricate designs

·         Perfect Finishing

·         Water resistance

·         Tensile strength

·         Smooth Finish

·         Beautiful Radiance

·         Durable

·         100% original


·         Lab Certified